Believe it or not, I’ve been asked what I read online. I probably go through about 30 or so blogs a day, so I figured I’d compile a list and organize them by category (but in no particular order). Enjoy!

Advertising, Marketing, PR, Media

AdFreak– Highlights the newest in strange ads, viral videos, and ad-centric cultural shifts. It’s always hilarious and I usually end up linking or liking at least one of their posts daily.

AdAge– Online presence of Advertising Age magazine, where I always find interesting and relevant articles about the world of advertising, trends in technology, and big moves within the industry. A must-read for anyone who is interested in ad-land.

AgencySpy– All the inside information they don’t want you to know about ad-land. Interesting even from an outsider’s perspective.

Brandchannel– Latest in ad and brand news. Good stuff.

Brandflakes for Breakfast– Online presence of the Humungo digital agency. Always has well-written, interesting posts about ad-land.

Denver Egotist– Denver-centric advertising news, highlighting works from the city’s natives. Part of the larger Egotist network,  featuring cities like Minneapolis, San Francisco, and more. I check them all daily.

Mashable– A great round-up of daily social media news. If you haven’t heard of mashable, you’re probably not using the internet very often.

The Fight Against Destructive Spin– The online blog of Arment Dietrich in Chicago, managed by Gini Dietrich (brown-nose moment: she’s the most approachable and personable CEO I’ve ever met, online or in real life). Daily articles about PR, social media, running a business, and everything in between.

Social Media Examiner
: Daily interesting articles about social media. The name says it all.

The Dog & Pony Show: A great look at advertising from someone in the business. Has comments on great ads and lots of things to say about not-so-good execution.

AdRants: Unfiltered look at advertising.

AdPulp: Another unfiltered look at advertising.

Copyranter: One last unfiltered look at advertising. I check all three of these daily because it provides a welcome rational look at the ad industry without holding too much back.

The Next Great Generation: A blog for Gen-Y, written by Gen-Y. Always nice to see people my age writing about things people my age care about. Topics are very diverse; I only added it under this category because I write for TNGG under this category.

Entertainment/Pop Culture

WarmingGlow: A wonderful, hilarious look at television. Features recaps of tv shows, critiques of crappy reality TV, and much more. Also features a ton of pictures of animals dressed like humans and photoshops of said animals. AND the title is a Simpsons reference. Basically, this blog was made for people like me.

Filmdrunk: Like WarmingGlow, but for movies. Also awesome.

AvClub: The Onion’s pop-culture obsessed cousin. Features daily recaps of some of my favorite TV shows, among other cool features.

Gawker: Because New York celebrities and culture needs to be made fun of and kept in check.

WWTDD: Because life is too short to let celebrities off the hook for their moronic behavior.

TvTattle: Huge aggregate of the TV industry’s daily news. Tons of interesting articles about everything going on behind-the-scenes.

Entertainment Weekly: The online presence of Entertainment Weekly magazine. I check for the TV recaps and stay for the other entertainment industry news.

Other/Random Ephemera

Gizmodo: Tech blog. Frequent updates on all areas of tech geekdom, featuring reviews of new phones, giant tech news, and more.

PSFK: A place to go for new ideas.

TrendCentral: A blog about what’s cool. Daily updates on the world of “awesome.”

Whatevs Dot Net: This is the reason I started a tumblr blog. There’s simply too much awesome content on the internet to not share it with everyone. This blog is for the digital native who really digs online culture (think: geeky + nostalgic + sarcastic).

SeriousEats: Great blog about food. Features recipes, reviews, and more. Keeps me hungry for more (you didn’t think I could avoid that pun, did you?)

ThisOrThat: Quick comparison site. Fun to see what is being compared (Leno vs Conan, for example). The headlines are where it’s at (sample: “Olive Garden Now Serving Knuckle Sandwiches, Breadsticks Still Unlimited”). Keeps me entertained.

Reader Recommendations

Danny Brown– Great content, ideas and tips from the co-founder of Bonsai Interactive

Businesses Grow

Convince and Convert

Jontus Media

Communications Conversations– Great articles by a fellow Minnesotan

Media Emerging

Anything by Open Forum and Harvard Business Review

  1. August 16, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Are you brown nosing because you want a job?! 🙂

    May I add a few you and your readers should consider? I hope you nodded yes.

    * Danny Brown (
    * Mark Schaefer (
    * Convince and Convert (
    * Jontus Media (
    * Anything by Open Forum and Harvard Business Review
    * Communications Conversations (
    * Media Emerging (

    Thanks for including Spin Sucks! It’s nice to know you think I’m approachable…trying to keep it that way as we grow, so would love your insight if you feel like it’s beginning to lose some of that individualized attention.

    • August 16, 2010 at 8:50 pm

      Ha! No, I wasn’t brown-nosing to get a job, but if you’ve got one for me don’t be shy!

      I’ll definitely check those blogs out and put them on here. I like the idea of a collaborative space where everyone can add sites. The more everyone reads, the better off we all are.

      Thanks for commenting, Gini!

  1. August 17, 2010 at 5:09 pm
  2. August 17, 2010 at 5:10 pm

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